Sunday, 14 October 2012

Education Technology SHPSH

Education Technology SHPSH




As a 21st century community we are responsible for quality teaching and learning which enhances meaningful student engagement and promotes responsible (digital) citizens.


Mental Models (our beliefs and assumptions)


·         All students can learn.

·         Technology is a tool that is one part of a quality learning process.

·         Meaningful educational technology integration is an essential element to learning in the 21st century.

·         Effective teacher up skilling is important in raising competencies. For all educators, students and parents.

·         Other effective pedagogical strategies need to work in conjunction with technology.

·         2013 Roll out and effective classroom use are essential.


Systems and Structures


·         iPad program in junior program K--3

·         Adrian working with junior staff in implementing effective iPad integration. Integrated planning documents have been created.

·         iPad configuration with Apple ID volume license .

·         All parents have an Apple ID before 1:1 roll out occurs. Support parents in doing this if required.

·         Excite Logic used for leasing and purchasing program as well as parents having the choice to purchase independently. Apple Care is compulsory with all machines.

·         SHPSH to image laptops and coordinate roll out days. Apple consultant will support.

·         Communication to parents via posted letter and email to families.

·         SHPSH twitter presence.



Patterns of Behaviour


·         Digital license for year 4 and 5 students at the start of 2013.

·         Teacher integration of 21st century planning and learning strategies through further PD and opportunities and sharing of knowledge gained.

·         Parent involvement and participation in information sessions.




·         Jamie McKenzie professional development day

·         Parent information sessions in term 3

·         Parent learning workshop in term 4

·         Monday 4th February, laptops need to be at the school.

·         Monday 11th February, roll out sessions for parents and students in Term 1, weeks 1 and 2, 2013.

Sacred Heart Parent Workshop - Educational Technology

Educational Technology at Sacred Heart, Highgate

Year 3 and 4 Sacred Heart Parent Workshop

What does effective 21st Century learning look, sound and feel like?

November 8th 2012

6:30pm – 8:00pm

School Hall

Come along and participate in an interactive workshop designed to give parents a hands-on insight into how technology is integrated into the Australian Curriculum at Sacred Heart. The workshop will be facilitated by Adrian Torrese.

The workshop will include inquiry approaches, higher level comprehension skills, authentic learning, integration of educational technology, physical space considerations and collaborative strategies.

Please bring along a mobile devise that has wireless internet capability; iPad, Android tablet or laptop. Please let us know if you would like us to provide you with a device for the evening.

Wireless connectivity will be provided on the evening

We are looking forward to a relaxed, informative and fun evening.

Light refreshments will be provided during the workshop.

Please email the school office if you would like to attend.  Please specify the numbers attending.