Sunday, 9 December 2012

Student Educational Technology Forum

To follow up from our community round table discussion, some of our students from Years 4,5 and 6 discussed the following questions and the following responses came from the conversation.

What are your thoughts and feelings about using Technology at school for learning.
  • Makes people want to learn.
  • Gives them motivation and determination to learn.
  • Can use technology in your future employment.
  • Helps us get ready for high school.
  • Don't have to carry as many books.
  • Our parents can see what we are learning at school.
  • It is portable.
  • Helps us to connect with and learn from others.
  • Able to present our work in creative and interesting ways.
  • We should still learn how to do handwriting.
  • We would have less anxiety about forgetting work.
  • We don't have to use technology all the time, for some things we don't need computers.
What do you think is expected from Sacred Heart when providing Technology in a way that encourages learning and digital responsibility?
  • Strict rules about social media.
  • We should be taught to use it safely and responsibly.
  • Students learn from using technology. Learning not playing!
  • The school should monitor Internet use by everyone.
  • The focus should be learning about the subject.
  • Let parents know that the learning is happening.

What do you think is expected of families and students when using Technology at home and at school?
  • Separate learning form playing.
  • Use only during school time.
  • Be careful with handling the computers.
  • Parents and the school are responsible for the safe use and the monitoring.
  • Incorporate but restrict technology use in their daily life.
  • Students should use technology purposefully.
  • Students need to be organised with charging batteries and packing laptops ready for the next day.
  • Students should have an organised hard drive.
  • Students with their own laptops should have a digital license and given to them during assembly. Inappropriate use may mean the license is taken away for a period of time.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

SHPSH Educational Technology Guidelines - Roundtable Discussion

SHPSH Educational Technology Guidelines - Community Round table Discussion
Last Friday SHPSH hosted a group of community members to take part in starting a conversation about the guidelines for the use of  Educational Technology at our school. It was important to include stakeholders from all parts of the school community. This included our Parish Priest, Principal, parents, teachers, students (at a separate forum) and the school social worker. The conversation was rich, enlightening and flavoured with a sense of excitement and momentum for the teaching and learning at Sacred Heart. The round table participants were given discussion questions in advance enabling the time to think and prepare their ideas ahead of the discussion.
Below is an inventory of the themes that came out of each discussion topic.

What are your beliefs and assumptions about Educational Technology?
What values do you think we as a community should ensure we maintain and/or develop as we take this journey in Educational technology and 21st Century learning? How does this link with our Vision Statement?
  • Our Catholic identity is a relevant part of Educational Technology.
  • Teaching and learning is about building character.
  • Technology use in the near future will be much more embedded in learning.
  • We can be engaging our students more.
  • Continual changes in technology is inevitable. Help students to understand this.
  • We cannot replace social skills and human interaction.
  • Adult role modelling is vital.
  • Technology is a medium to compliment teaching and learning strategies.
  • Parents need input and information.
  • Teach skills that provide life-long learning.
  • Assists in self-directed learning.
  • With the change there is a sense of fear.
  • A need for digital etiquette.
  • Kids react to digital equipment.
What do you think is expected from Sacred Heart when providing Educational Technology in a way that encourages learning and digital responsibility?
  • Provide parents with information for how to get help and understanding.
  • Provide the best infrastructure.
  • Vigilant supervision.
  • Parent workshops.
  • Accessibility to seeing the use of technology within the learning.
  • Role modelling responsible usage.
  • Professional development for staff.
  • Uphold our Christian values.
  • Expectations of use from the school.
  • Innovative methods that engage and allow self directed learning.
  • Teaching and learning strategies that encourage collaborative learning.
  • Educational Technology goal setting by the school.
  • SHPSH recruitment policy that encourages skilled teachers with progressive teaching and learning strategies.
  • Constant monitoring of use and effectiveness.
  • Provide a safe and respectful environment.
  • Gain student feedback.
  • Develop partnership with Cyber-Safe police unit.
  • Development of student "digital license".
What do you think is expected of families and students in regarding the use of Educational Technology at home and at school?
  • Challenge parents. "What are they modelling at home with their own computer and where is it placed in the home?"
  • School structures to support home usage.
  • Follow set expectations from the school.
  • Accommodate different parenting styles.
  • Role model responsible usage.
  • Teach understanding about care for equipment.
  • Parents seek opportunity to attend workshops at the school.
  • Students encouraged to share their learning at home.
This discussion is the first step in creating guidelines for how we as a community will engage with and use Educational Technology at SHPSH.